Tabuaço launches tourist recovery campaign

In Tabuaço “there are no two without three” starts from 15 May and intends to encourage tourists to visit, eat, buy, stay or return to Tabuaço.

There are several areas in which the County is working to fill the gaps in State intervention, taking on the role of a subsidiary in the various initiatives in order to, by mitigating effect, ensure the functioning of the local economy.

“No two without three” is an initiative aimed at hotels, restaurants, local producers and artisans, with the aim of encouraging tourists to stay or return to Tabuaço, with a view to recovering the losses caused by the pandemic in the sector. During the campaign's validity period, from May 15th to October 31st, 2021, for each reservation of two or more nights in a hotel in the county of Tabuaço, the City Council allocates vouchers in the total amount of €60 to be applied to accommodation , in the restoration and purchase of handicrafts or local products.

The set of extraordinary measures announced over the last week by the City Council - Support to Rents, Direct support to companies and businessmen in individual name and "In Tabuaço there are no two without three - is a strategy to balance serious economic and financial losses of the situation we currently live in, acting preventively on the standard by ensuring the viability and maintenance of jobs. This set was elaborated in a judicious, responsible manner and supported by a sustainable financial policy, with the council's economic actors consulted and receiving contributions from institutions and councilors.

Source: Tabuaço City Council